Saturday, June 12, 2010



If you get the chance, do take a look at this book, "The Sartorialist". The fashion sense of some people are AMAZING! I love it when someone isn't afraid of color, texture, being noticed or stared at!

I think I'm SO fashion backward. My closet is full of black, brown, gray and more gray. I wonder whether I'll ever get over the fear of people noticing me.


I don't dress well and I know it (my mom used to complain about it but she has given up on me). In one word, I dress sloppy. But this book, the Sartorialist has made me think, that I should do better. I should take better care of myself. I should dress better. I especially like the photographs of mature men who make an extra effort in looking real sharp and real cool. I think, I'd love to grow old this way.

Have I made an effort? Sometimes I wear a hat - and that is a big thing for me already! :-)


Doing "The Sartorialist Sketches" is a total selfish endeavor - It involves no clients, no deadlines, no money. It's just something I enjoy doing - which is a VERY good thing for me - Priority-wise, I find myself doing all the "what I have to do stuff" first and at times, I never get around to the "what I want to do stuff".

So this is a good thing! :-)


These sketches are done with watercolor (and a bit of photoshop). A major thing I like about watercolor is that it's EASY to clean & bring around (I never got used to using oil).


If you aren't familiar with the website "The Sartorialist", click here. I normally DO NOT draw from photographs.

I enjoy drawing from life - someone "sits" for me and I love to sketch them (see here).

One thing I do is draw during my travels - I allot at least a day just to draw. This makes my trip REAL and the drawing makes me remember the trip much more vividly (see here).

I don't usually enjoy drawing from photos but I enjoy drawing from Mr. Schumans' photographs. I don't have an explanation for this.

Friday, June 11, 2010


So here we go. The sketches here are all (loosely) based on Scott Schumans' book: The Sartorialist (Peguin Books: 2009).

The numbers on the title of each illustration is the page number where I based the drawing.

I love how this young girl looks - she isn't afraid of her "image" or "shape" being strange or unusual. I think this says a lot about her - I think she is confident and creative! All this from how she is dressed and how she carries herself!


When I draw, I find myself "documenting". I've never felt my drawing or sketching as "self expression". When I draw I take notice of all sorts of little details which makes the sketching experience a great joy.